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Updates to QSX-79T Create Great Gold Tester Value

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XRF Gold Test EquipmentRe-Designed QSX-79T Gold Tester

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

After receiving the initial feedback from customers and companies reviewing the QSX-79T for gold buying; the QSX development team made some changes.  Changes that we believe make this Gold Testing Equipment a great value...offering a compact system with a proven software package.

The Update/Re-Design Include:

Chamber Changes: we’ve been able to streamline the chamber so that it is a more compact unit…taking up less space for users and with a revised color pattern; it looks good too.

Computer Options: another space saving change; the system now comes standard with a laptop computer and we can offer an even lower cost option if needed (contact your sales associate for details).

XRF Screen ShotSoftware Updated: we took the proven software package from the full precious metal analyzer (QSX-295T) and added it to the Quickshot XRF gold tester - this software package (view screen) provides a number of benefits for the end user:
Simple Viewing: all the critical information is on one screen; no more toggling between spectrums, measurement time, results, etc. 
Easy Operation: the new software is so simple to use that in just a few moments with the operation manual you will be obtaining accurate gold content.
Karat Identification: no more waiting; with spectrum matching the QSX-79T can now match your sample piece to the appropriate gold karat in five (5) seconds and full gold content (%) soon after.

We are very excited about these updates and we know that the unit; which was already a good value for gold buying, is now a great value!  Please visit the QSX-79T instrument page or contact your local sales associate for details…