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New Equipment - QSX MobiLab Instrument Page Added

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While the most popular instrument for mobile testing needs is various Handheld XRF Analyzers (like the QSX-HH) Quickshot XRF offers a different option...the QSX MobiLab.  This innovative x-ray fluorescence analyzer could be considered a hybrid of desktop and handheld technologies - using micro-components like the handheld but with an enclosed chamber and seperate computer like desktop units.

Quickshot XRF has updated the website (www.quickshotxrf.com) with an information page for the system; which lets users 'take the laboratory with them' for on-site testing for a variety of applications.  This system will be a popular solution for hazardous substance testing needs (both soils and products) but could create a buzz in the jewelry buy-back business...with two different detection systems; one for gold content and one for full precious metals analysis.  The various detection packages create a price range for the unit that is in-line with all the other, low-cost, Quickshot XRF analyzers.

Visit the QSX-MobiLab page for details and contact your regional QSX Distributor for additional discussion.